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Virgin Media Super Hub  lights_S_Hub
Virgin Media Super Hub V M Super Hub Lights 


Do you know your Virgin Media Super Hub lights speaks everything about your connections


Power Light Virgin media hub, super hub, Tick Light, check light Super Hub / Hub wireless light
Power Light Tick Mark Light Wireless Light

 Power light

Power Light OFF :- If power light on your Hub / Super Hub is OFF, then first check power cable from your super hub / hub to power socket on wall is connected. Check push power button is ON at back of super hub and also try plugging to different power socket just in case safety switch has tripped OFF or circuit fuse is broken.

Tick / Check Mark Light

Flashing or OFF :-  If tick / check mark light is flashing or OFF, you might not have broadband connection, there are mainly three possiblites.

  1. Bill not paid or over credit limit :- You can check your account is up to date or not by login to My Virgin Media from anywhere you can access internet.
  2. Outage in area : You can also check status of your service online from My Virgin Media or dial 0800 561 0061 outage update centre. ( Note:-It will only give high priority Outage information )
  3. Upstream or Downstream NOT LOCKED :- You can check Upstream & Downstream LOCK status of your Hub / Super Hub by login administration page.


Solid Tick Light :-  If your tick / check mark light is solid then your services should be working fine from your service provider side. (Note:- There are always some exceptions)

Things that you can try to troubleshoot your connection
(Note:- After each step try see if you could access internet)

1.  Check your decice is connected to Super Hub, Super Hub support two types of connection

  • Local Area Network Connection (i.e LAN via Ethernet Cable)
  • Wireless Connection ( i.e Wireless Local Area Connection (WLAN) via 802.11 wireless radio frequency)

LAN Connection:- In LAN connection first of all check you physical connectivity (i.e check etherent cable is securely plugged at both ends). In your device if still shows network cable unplugged, try differnet ethernet cable . After trying new ethernet cable and still same then there might be issue related to your network adaptor ( i.e either ethernet adaptor driver corrupted  or ethernet adaptor faulty)

Wireless Local Area Connection ( WLAN ) :- If you are using wireless connection, then first of all check wireless light is ON in Super Hub / Hub, then make sure your wireless is not OFF in your laptop and your computer is connected to your wireless network

2. Check your laptop or desktop has received any valid IP address. If you get ip address 169.254.x.x then either your computer is not accepting IP address or Hub/Super Hub not providing IP address to your device.

If your device is connected and not receiving any IP address you can reset DHCP client or manually assign IP address (Note:- Manual IP will only work if your network adaptor driver is up-to-date)

Before assigning IP address manually you can go for quick fix (i.e. restarting computer), most of time restarting computer can fix issue.

3. If your computer is getting valid IP address starting with 192.168.0.x (where x is any number between 2-254) or any IP address other then 169.254.X.X

  1. ping your gateway if you get reply from gateway follow next step
  2. ping any public server IP address [i.e. ping (bbc ip address)]. If you get reply go to next step, if ping fail then check what is your WAN or Public IP address.

    If you are receiving valid WAN IP address, then try ping from Hub/Super Hub. If you are able to ping from Super Hub / Hub then you can try resetting Super Hub / Hub to factory default and check connection. After resetting Super Hub / Hub no joy then you can try with different computer, as there might be issue with this computer. (Note:- There are always some exceptions, sometime problem from ISP you get Valid IP address but no through put (i.e connection)). If you are getting Valid WAN IP address on Super Hub but can’t ping, then try in Modem mode. If works in modem mode, then device is faulty, if doesn’t work then Virgin Network issue contact Virgin Media Technical Support Line.

    If No WAN IP address or if ping fail from Super Hub / Hub contact your service provider

  3. ping any public website (i.e ping bbc.com)  reply from web server, follow next step. If ping fail, then Flush DNS cache, reset DNS client in computer and also you can try assign free DNS server IP address.

4. If all ping test success, then check proxy server settings, reset your web browser and try turn OFF Windows firewall, if it is blocking connection. Last but least you can try starting your computer in safe mode with networking to check any application or security software causing issue

Wireless Light  OFF

Wireless Light OFF:- If your wireless light is OFF on Hub / Super Hub, there are 3 ways to turn ON wifi.

  1. Virgin Media button on Super Hub and wifi  button on Hub 
  2. Login to Hub / Super Hub Control Panel
  3. Pinhole reset  on back of Hub / Super Hub

1. In Hub,  wifi light is button itself, press and hold wifi light/button for 5-6 seconds, it will turn ON wifi.

Virgin Media Hub
In Super Hub, on front you will see blue virgin media light, press and hold that button for 5-6 seconds, it will turn ON wifi.

Virgin Media Super Hub

2. You can login to Hub / Super Hub control panel and turn ON wifi.
To login to Hub / Super Hub you need to connect ethernet cable from computer to any of four LAN port of Hub / Super Hub to access administration page. Default information to login to administration page would be printed on back of Hub / Super Hub which are as under :-
Username:-  admin
Password:-  changeme

3. If you don’t have ethernet cable or computer to login to Hub / Super Hub, you can do Pin hole reset of Hub /Super Hub by pressing and holding reset button for atleast  15-20 seconds while Super Hub is powered ON.  You can use paper clip or cocktail stick or anything which fits in reset hole. When you press reset hole you should feel you are pressing reset button and lights should start flashing. After pinhole reset unplug power cable for 5-10 seconds then plug the power cable back on.
(Note:- Pin hole reset will reset your device to factory defaults. If you have configure any settings on device would be lost.)

In Hub, you will find your pin hole reset on back of Hub on label near to your wireless default settings.

In Super Hub, you will find Pin hole reset button on opposite vertical side of 3 lights. Above power light, you will see pin hole Reset.

Virgin Media Super Hub Pinhole Reset