Change or view Wi-Fi name (SSID) and Key for Virgin Media Super Hub

Your default Wireless network name and password are printed on back of your Virgin Media Super Hub. Your wireless network name would be printed as SSID (Service Set Identifier) and Wi-Fi password (Network Key) would be Passphrase

Note :- By default Virgin Media Super Hub is set to WPA Auto ( WPA1/WPA2) as security encryption method.

If you have change your SSID & Wi-Fi password (Key) or want to change your Wi-Fi name & Wi-Fi password then follow steps below

 Open your web browser like

 Firefox Chrome Opera or any other…

On Top address bar, type  (default ip address of S.Hub) 

(Note:- Your device shoud be connected to Virgin Media Super hub in order to access Super Hub control panel page)

 Super Hub Username  :-  admin  
 Super Hub Password  :-  changeme
then click on   Sign In  

(Note:- If you can’t load Virgin media Super Hub page, if you have not changed ip address, then try Pin hole reset of S.HUB from left side of Super Hub) 

Virgin Media Super Hub Login

Once you are login to virgin media Super Hub, your will see 3 Big Red Buttons, Click on   WiFi

 Virgin Media Super Hub WiFi

From this page can ammed your Wireless settings of Virgin Media Super Hub.

Under Security Settings

 Wireless                    ON
 Security Mode          WPA Auto
 SSID                           1selface         (your wireless network name, which you can change anytime)
 Passphrase               secret5698     (your wireless password, which you can change anytime)


 Virgin Media S.Hub WPA password

Note :- If your Security Mode is   WEP , then your Passphrase would be greyed out , check below to find your wireless WEP KEY.

Security Mode :- WEP

If your  Security Mode  is  WEP  and then your Passphrase would be Greyed Out

Virgin Media Super Hub security mode WEP

To check WEP passphrase, on top left click on  Home   in Virgin Media Super Hub page. Now you are back to main page, below 3 big Red Buttons click on  Advanced Settings

Virgin Media Super Hub Advanced Settings

On Advanced Settings page, under  Wireless  section click on  Primary Wireless Network (SSID1)

 Virgin Media Super Hub Primary SSID

In Primary Network (SSID1) page, you can change Wireless Network Name (i.e SSID). Below Security Mode, you will find your security will be WEP. Now below you will see KEY1 which is your WEP key, you can change KEY1. ( Note:- It has to be 10 characters long, it can be numbers from 0 to 9 and A to F)

Virgin Media Super Hub WEP Key